Automate a substantial part of your planning

We have developed new technology which uses intelligent algorithms to draw your planning cycles directly on BIM. You can define cycles for elevations, plans, and cycles for monolithic modeling (floor plan + elevation). What’s more, you automatically have the cubic measurements for each cycle.

Automatic verification of planning rates

We provide you with a series of tools that will make planning much faster and simpler.We show you how your current plans are versus your historical progress, and we automatically verify if you have fulfilled the weekly planning for each item as well as provide you with non-completion statistics and those accountable.

Automatic planning Gantt

Each new cycle of concrete, formwork, and steel that you plan is automatically incorporated into your planning Gantt. Thanks to this, and geometry, your progress is automatically detected by ObraLink and you can have your PPC at all times to improve your decision management.

Automatic verification of your weekly planning

We verify the progress of your jobs automatically, which is to say that we detect your progress and check if it coincides in geometry, quantity, and date with your planning. This way we are able to automatically inform you of your tasks completed and not completed, all without you having to inform us of anything.