About Us

ObraLink is a technology company whose purpose is to enrich and transform the constructor’s work through technology.

At ObraLink, we have set out to free the builder from data collection and processing in construction projects through automation. We want your main focus to be on building and your decision making to be based on information obtained in real time and not with weeks or months of lag.

Through ObraLink LAB we are developing technological solutions that, using the Industry 4.0 philosophy, will allow the automation of different critical tasks in the construction worksite. The first development of our engineering group is CiBot, which automates the progress monitoring of ‘rough’ work (i.e. the structural stage), and delivers the concrete strengths in a novel and robust way. CiBot will be followed by disruptive solutions that we are already working on, such as devices to measure slumps in concrete walls and obtain slab deformations in real time.

ObraLink was born in mid-2019, and currently has a world-class engineering team with professionals from different disciplines, such as structural, electrical, and mechanical engineering. It currently has two offices, headquartered in Santiago, Chile, and its subsidiary located in the United Kingdom.


In 2022, as ObraLink, we closed our first investment round for US$2M with international investors and investors from the venture capital ecosystem, such as Cemex Ventures and Carao Ventures, and also with companies from the construction industry, such as the construction company Echeverría Izquierdo, one of the largest in Latin America, and the company M10, a leading tower crane supplier in Chile. We are able to move forward strategically with this group of investors.