Automatic measurement of your progress

Our CiBot maps your project 24/7 so that  you have all progress in real time without having to report a thing. This completely automates your project management and work progress monitoring, without errors and independent of the tasks of on-site workers.


Complete BIM integration. Not only can you visualize the As-built BIM model at any time, but you also have the time component to display progress for each day, week, and month during project execution. In addition, we provide you with the rate of floors built per month so you see and improve productivity.

Technology to improve worksite control

Geometric advances

All progress is not only reported in quantity and percentages by item, but also in geometry. Progress is displayed according to the day of execution and type of element executed (e.g.: slabs, walls, beams, etc.).

Worksite Visit Feature

With just one click on the BIM model, you will be able to connect to the construction site! Yes, you can choose the sector you want to visualize from your office or workplace and see what is happening in real time, as well as what has happened in the last days or weeks in that sector.

Concrete Loss

Now you can monitor your concrete losses at a click, not only by type of structural element such as walls, slabs, beams and foundations, but also by accessing the distribution by floor and on each day, week, or month you want to visualize.

Control by Gantt

The Gantt chart is built automatically as new progress is detected. This way you have the historical record of each task, with its start and end dates by type of element and item.