Measuring the strength of concrete is a fundamental task that must be performed on virtually every construction project. For a construction project to progress as planned and safely, these measurements must be performed frequently and accurately.

However, although several methods are used to measure concrete strength, the vast majority of these methods (wireless maturity sensors, compression testing on concrete cores) are often time consuming, inefficient, and introduce the risk of human error because they rely on workers to perform the task and require manual data entry. As labor shortages are an endemic problem in the construction industry, and as human error can jeopardize not only safety but also the progress of the job, these methods are not particularly effective or attractive to construction companies. In fact, estimates indicate that up to 30% of the cost of construction is lost due to inefficiencies, errors, delays and miscommunication. This clearly demonstrates the need for robust automated systems.

ObraLink provides a much needed solution to the problems that can arise from using traditional methods to measure concrete strength. ObraLink instead uses a powerful and robust analysis algorithm in conjunction with its thermal cameras to measure strength.

This process is fully automated and does not require manual data entry.

As a result of this automation, the duration of the concreting phase is considerably reduced, typically from 1 to 3 days per floor. In addition, the fact that this process is automated reduces the risks of error, facilitates appropriate and timely corrective action, and avoids deviations in terms of costs and scheduling. Research has shown that having accurate and timely progress information is necessary for efficient project control in order to ensure that the project cost and schedule estimates are met. Therefore, efficient on-site data collection, timely analysis of the data, and communication of the results in a user-friendly manner are highly desirable for construction companies. Since the concreting phase is one of the most essential and costly parts of a construction project, any automation at this stage is tremendously beneficial to every construction company.

In summary, despite recent advances in technology and equipment for automated monitoring of work progress, the vast majority of the world’s construction companies have not been able to implement them on their projects. However, for a construction project to be successfully completed on time, on cost, and in terms of quality, all while maintaining a safe working environment, it is crucial to have a high level of project control; and automation is the best and most cost-effective way to do this. ObraLink is the first and only service that provides an automation service that accompanies the user throughout the entire concreting phase, from formwork to reinforcement. Thus, it offers a unique and efficient system that improves construction project quality while reducing the construction time for each floor and, therefore, a shorter construction period.

About the author:

David Wright is head of sales at Obralink and regularly writes content for our blog in English. He has an academic background, having studied Applied Linguistics at UCL, in addition to his copywriting and sales experience.

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