Measuring Progress
Concrete Resistance
KPIs and Benchmarking
Completion Control
DHTMLX Gantt Chart Library
Structural Work
Each new advance in concrete, formwork and steel is automatically accounted for.
Your on-site teams don’t need to measure progress or upload information to our platform.
All progress is displayed in a BIM context.
You can also visualize your progress from images and Gantt chart that integrates with M. Project.
Planning in seconds
BIM integrated planning. 2D and 3D visualizations.
Automatic calculation of quantities for planning.
Automatic performance verification, incorporated with Last Planner production system.
Automatic generation of planning Gantt.
Hotel Management System
Fully Automated Measurement
Reduce costs and speed up construction by improving your construction turnaround times.
Resistance is displayed by clicking on the BIM model.
Automatic alerts by mail and cell phone when resistance is reached.
Maturity method used, in compliance with national and international standards.
JavaScript Diagram
Improved decision making
Productivity, progress and planning indexes.
Know your productivity at each level and for each batch.
Keep track of your demolding, stripping, and post-tensioning times in each cycle executed.
All your rates are compared between projects within your construction company and with industry values. All in real time.
JavaScript Diagram
Quick delivery of weekly reports
For site administrators, visitors, or managers who don't have time to navigate through our platform.
First thing every Monday morning, you’ll receive a summary of your projects' performance for the previous week.
Find out about all your project executions, weekly non-completions, progress rates, and much more!
We also rank the weekly performance of your project so you can compare yourself with other projects and other construction companies.
Control your completion stage with less manual work and full BIM integration
Control your completion stage with less manual work and full BIM integration
You will be able to monitor your progress per property unit (i.e. apartments, houses, etc.), visualizing the programs and progress geometrically.
Integrate your MS Project program automatically to our platform.
To do list
Fast and simple management of tasks with parent-child relationship and ability to split tasks into projects.
Assigning task owners and due dates, tagging tasks, and navigating with shortcut keys.
Configurable interface and behavior, in sync with DHTMLX Gantt, Scheduler, and Kanban board.
Two different modes of displaying data in the Pivot grid: flat and tree.
Speedy sorting and filtering of large datasets from the UI and via API.
Ability to safely export Pivot data to Excel and CSV.
Conditional formatting, read-only mode, custom cell formats, and many more configuration options.
Pure JavaScript control for uploading and managing diverse files.
Real-time indicator of the file upload progress.
Ability to set custom restrictions on the parameters of uploaded files.
Different modes of uploading and previewing files.